Psychic Powers We all Have, but Rarely Use – John Chang

Psychic Powers We all Have, but Rarely Use

Psychic Powers We all Have, but Rarely Use - John Chang aka: Dynamo Jack

Have you ever heard of John Chang?

He is a Javanese acupuncturist also known as Dynamo Jack that has gotten some small amount of fame on the internet.

John is either one of the best fakers I have seen, or he’s the real deal.

He says that he developed his abilities through meditation, and that the yin -yang, negative-positive centers in his body allow a flow of psychic power.
John supposedly learned this from his master, Liao Tsu-Tong, aka Mr. Weird Banana.
Yes that’s right…”Mr. Weird Banana”.

I don’t know why, maybe it’s a phrase that doesn’t translate well into English.

The MoPai Tradition

Liao Tsu-Tong taught John the MoPai Tradition, which is the esoteric nei kung (internal energy) school of Mo Tzu.

Now just what does all this mean?

Well the closest approximation I can get to it is QiGong (or Chi Kung).

Qi gong is a mixture of traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, and philosophy that develops human potential and awakens one spiritually to one’s true nature.

Now to explain that I have to explain Qi.

Qi (or Chi as you may have heard it called) is life force or energy flowing in all living things according to traditional Chinese culture.

The idea has a lot of parallels in other cultures such as prana (India), Aristotle’s “Energeia”, French philosopher Henri Bergson’s “Ãlan vital” and the ancient doctrine of “Vitalism”.

You could even argue that Odic force and Vril fall into the same category.

Qi Gong teaches you to harness and control you own Qi and that gives you certain abilities.

This, to my understanding, is the basic idea of MoPai.

John Chang - Dynamo Jack - psychic power
John Chang – Dynamo Jack – psychic power

Dynamo Jack and The Ring of Fire

Dynamo Jack came into public view when he appeared in “Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey”, a documentary filmed by two brothers Lorne Blair and Lawrence Blair.

The documentary itself (actually it was a series of five documentary films) was very popular and was nominated for an Emmy.

The documentary was about the Indonesian archipelago and Dynamo Jack just happened to be in a segment called “East of Krakatoa”.

You see, one of the crew members developed an eye infection during filming, and having heard about Dynamo Jack’s ability to heal with Qi, the crew asked Jack if he would heal the man.

Jack agreed and gave him an acupuncture treatment that did indeed heal him.

It was filmed and put into the documentary, but unfortunately Dynamo Jack didn’t know that the film would be distributed publicly and was angered when he found out.

The crew begged him to let them come back and film more of his abilities, but he refused.

For seven years.

Seven years later he contacted the crew and agreed to be filmed and even allowed them to bring three scientists with them, Catherine Nixon Cooke, former CEO and currently one of the Trustees of the Mind Science Foundation, Dr. Roger Nilson and Dr. Gregory Simpson, physicist from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Allegedly these films show John Chang (his real name) displaying healing, telekinesis and pyrokinesis.

(It’s said that Liao Tsu-Tong could disintegrate a broom with one touch).





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