Is 13 Year Old Max Loughan The Next Super Science Genius?

Can a 13 year old change the world? Max Loughan is trying to do just that!

Is 13 Year Old Max Loughan The Next Super Science Genius?

Max created an energy harvesting device that could provide energy to some of the most desolate places on the planet.

Check out this video of Wizkid Max Loughan at work in his lab.

Check out Max’s YouTube channel HERE:



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  1. Jim Phillips says:

    Dear Max,

    I work with boys and girls your age and was very impressed with you grasp of physics. My name is Jim Phillips and my students call me Professor Know-How. I too invent things and my most impressive invention is what I call The Genesis 1:3 Project. It is an instrument that literally takes one back to the instant that time began. Like you, I have discovered a way to externally mesh the gears of the electrons spinning in cadence using powerful neodymium magnets. This perpetual motion does in fact provide an unlimited supply of electrical energy. The magnetic force of the electromagnetic wave is analogous to electrical current and by far is the tourque of what comprises energy. if you are interested, I will gladly share these inventions with you. I operate a charity for kids called Professor Know-How’s Lab and would enetertain the idea of having you searve on our board. Jjim.

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